Integral Layers

Profile Documentary

Brand: ArtsEditor
Producer / Director: Douglas Emerson
Cinematographer: Brendan Riel
Ronin Operator: Jake Mitchell
1st AC: Alexander Laudeman
Sound Design: Mitch Moorman
Editor: Cal Laird

About The Project:

Integral Layers is a short profile on artist Andrew Fish.  Designed to show the intricate level detail and innovative approach Fish takes when it comes to his artwork, we follow him from inspiration to creation.  At the same time, we dive into a conversation about how painting has adapted and changed in the face of our new technological culture.
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About ArtsEditor:

ArtsEditor develops and publishes original feature-length articles, opinion pieces, and news items in the areas of visual, performing, literary, film, and musical arts.  It distinguishes itself not only through high quality writing, but also its approach to the online medium. Digital technology has already dismantled significant boundaries between creation and criticism. ArtsEditor aims to preserve the implicit strengths of an educated, authoritative voice, while lending itself to the fluidity of an open medium with fewer physical, personal, or geographic constraints.