Your Life

:75 Spot

Brand: f-stop
Producer / Director / Cinematographer:         Douglas Emerson
Photographer: Nick Vigue
Sound Designer: Chris Marino
Composer: Adam Weiss
Colorist: Dan Edwards

About The Project:

"Your life" is a hybrid photo / film collaboration between f-Stop, EnvyLife, and C49.  Filmed during a summer coast to coast road trip, the project is designed to capture the mood and feeling of a journey without a destination.  A desire to break free from the confines of a traditional life.
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About f-stop:

The leading innovator in adventure camera carry, f-stop pack systems are widely recognized for their rugged build, comfort, and modularity.

About EnvyLife:

EnvyLife is a high quality photography brand based in Los Angeles.  Boasting an award winning portfolio they push the boundaries of what photography can do.