1:45 Spot

Brand: Humon
Producer / Director: Douglas Emerson
Cinematographer: Jake Mitchell
Sound Recordist: Chris Marino
Editor: Cal Laird
Sound Design: Mitch Moorman
GFX: Steven Kane

About The Project:

Our goal with this project was to create an inspiration and fast paced spot, that also exemplified and focused on the technology and usability.  The song, "Victorious" by Tyrone Briggs (, gave us the pace we needed and the visuals brought the journey.  We decided that interactive GFX would show the technology interface better then the screen of a phone.  We hope you enjoy "Victorious"!

About Humon:

Humon is an inspiration and innovative startup based in Boston, MA.  Their philosophy:  technology and biology can intersect, creating something greater, and that is exactly what they have done.  The Humon Hex is an athletic wearable that tracks your blood oxygen levels in real-time, giving you accurate information about your muscles WHILE you work out.