i, A Stranger

Visual Poem

Producer / Director / Cinematographer:          Douglas Emerson
Sound Design: Mitch Moorman
Special Thanks: Tommaso Di Blasi
VO: Alan Watts

About The Project:

In a time of constant gossip, fake news, and conflict, we decided to create something that focused on the beauty we all share as humans.   On an impromptu three day trip to New York City, we filmed anything and everything that caught our eye.  We then stitched it all together using our favorite philosopher, Alan Watts, as the thread.  The result: i, A Stranger, C49's statement to the world.

About Alan Watts:

Alan Watts is very near and dear to us at C49.  Born in 1915, he studied and lectured on the collision and synthesis of Eastern and Western religions.  As a philosopher he focused heavily on the idea of the present, the here and now.  Lecturing around the world about the nature of passion, consciousness, and being, he opened a door into a new perspective on spirituality - simply, be, and rest will follow.