Cinematic Documentary

Use Headphones

Brand: IHC
Producer / Director: Douglas Emerson
Cinematographer: Jake Mitchell
Sound Recordist / Designer: Chris Marino
Editor: Cal Laird
Composer: Adam Weiss

About The Project:

Devin is a short documentary that follows a former student of the Italian Home for Children as he revisits.  Born with bipolar disorder, Devin struggled in school from a young age.  Then, due to an incident in the classroom, he was removed from his school.  Looking for somewhere to go, he was enrolled in the IHC.  There, he found the help he needed, the inspiration to grow and a place to call home.

About IHC:

The Italian Home For Children is a Boston based organization that provides residential and day services for children of all emotional and behavioral needs.  Having been around for nearly 100 years, they have developed a strong curriculum and compassionate approach to helping children in need.
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