Seven South - a pilot



Seven South:

Seven South is a limited series focusing on the dark and yet humorous world of AA in Boston, MA. It will teeter the line, and maybe cross it a few times, between compelling drama and twisted comedy. We are going to take you down the rabbit hole into the world of addiction and recovery. Our characters showcase elements of raw human experience that aim to strike the empathetic chord within us all. It's going to be dark, it's going to be scary, but more importantly, it's going to be funny.


We want to shatter stigma.  In a culture where drugs and alcohol are placed on a pedestal, sobriety has been shamed into hiding.  Stereotypes run rampant across the country and the mysterious nature of AA has only fueled the fire.  It's time that we stopped glorifying and demonetizing addiction.  It's time that we stopped acting as if sobriety is a death sentence. No one should be ashamed of being in AA. We want to make addiction and recovery a palatable topic by showing how real and present it is in today’s culture. Addiction exists en masse (20 million people in the US) and Seven South is a vehicle that can drive this conversation into cultural view. We can show the humanity behind every suffering soul in our cast, such that our audience can empathize with the most unlikely of people.  If we can empathize, we can make change.