Musician Profile


Brand: SriKala

Director / Producer / Cinematographer / Editor: Douglas Emerson

Sound Recordist / Mixer: Chris Marino

Colorist: Jon Dery

About The Project:

“SriKala” is a short Musician Profile piece created in partnership with Hive California, designed to capture the inspirations and intentions behind the beautiful music that SriKala creates.  We wanted to visually blend SriKala’s physical self and presence with his philosophies and knowledge, just as his music does.

About SriKala:

Emcee, Singer, DJ, producer, and percussionist. In live performance, Srikala uses Ableton Live to perform his original music, improvising live with Indian percussion and ambient vocals. His projects incorporate dub, hip hop, reggae, world beats, and sacred mantras. His mission is to uplift, open hearts, and move bodies. The soul in his music is found not only in the rhythms, words and beats but in the energy and intention within them.

About Hive California:

Hive California is a center-point for wellness and culture in Los Angeles.  Specializing in creative and original events centering around music, spirituality and community they offer a breath of quiet fresh air in a noisy world.