C49 Startup Campaign

At C49, we love Startups.  So, whether it's an explainer video for investors and kickstarter campaigns or a teaser for customers and social media hype, we got you.  The C49 Startup Campaign is a production bundle of three unique videos.  By shooting everything in a bundle, we can cut down on a TON of costs, giving you the best bang for your buck.  Usually (and we say this lightly as all Startups are different and require different forms of video) we produce a Brand Video, Hype Spot and Social Media Spot:


Brand Video:

The Brand Video is tailored heavily for investors.  It is essentially the overall explanation and image of your brand in a 1:30 - 2:00 piece.  We work with you one-on-one to highlight everything you want.  Below is the Brand Video we did for our campaign with Humon.


Hype Spot:

The Hype Spot is designed to create an image or mood around your Brand, in the same way Nike or Vogue spots create an image and feeling around theirs.  Below is the Hype Spot for Humon.


Social Media Spot:

The Social Media Spot can be anything you can imagine.  We run with your idea and optimize it for social media so you can spread your brand image.  Below is the Social Media Spot for Humon.


We understand the importance of a brand at C49 and we want to help you craft yours.

Email our Producer, Douglas, if you have any questions: