1:15 Spot


:30 Spot

Brand: Tekuma
Producer / Director: Douglas Emerson
Producer: Will Dziuk
Cinematographer: Jake Mitchell
Production Designer: Victor Velle
Editor: Cal Laird
VFX: Steven Kane, Will Dziuk
Sound Design: Mitch Moormann
Composer: Adam Weiss

About The Project - Value:

Value is a short spot designed to capture the mood and inspiration behind innovating in an urban environment. We wanted to combine the feeling of the hustle and bustle of the city and the airy and futuristic nature of innovation. By weaving mini scenes into a greater narrative, we were able to fuse the ideas and images of innovation with a character exploring the city. Everything leads up to the tag line, which serves as the punch line of the narrative, tying everything together.

About The Project  - Customized:

Customized is a short social media pop piece. Created in line with Tekuma’s sub-brand, customized artist print work, it’s crafted to illustrate the amount of power art and can bring into a space. As long as you have access to the prints, you can change the vibes of any room.

About Tekuma:

Tekuma is a bold and innovative brand based out of Cambridge, MA. Although their eyes are set on the future of city design and infrastructure, they also operate a sub-brand focused on bringing art and culture into everyday spaces. Landing projects internationally, and already on a quick moving path towards success, Tekuma is ready to change the way we live.