Coach Stella

Cinematic Documentary

Brand: TruEnergy
Producer / Director: Douglas Emerson
Producer: Jack McNamara
Cinematographer: Jake Mitchell
Sound Recordist / Designer: Chris Marino
Editor: Cal Laird
Composer: Adam Weiss
Colorist: Rob Bessette

About The Project:

Coach Stella is a short documentary that chronicles the uplifting story of Mike Stella, a man who has overcome life struggles to be an elite strength coach in the greater Boston area. When Mike was born, his parents were told he would never walk—he had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. From a young age, he was drawn to the weight room to understand more about his body, and through this he found his passion for coaching. In the weight room, he found a place where he could compete against himself, smash goals that many would perceive impossible, and help others do the same.

About TruEnergy:

Fed up with drinking sugary sports drinks and artificial energy shots, founder and former pro hockey player, Jack McNamara, decided to create a drink that gave athletes a clean edge without sacrificing health or natural ingredients. Caffeinated with green tea and naturally sweetened, TruEnergy is infused with ten vitamins, antioxidants, and five electrolytes from coconut water.

About Stella Stength:

Mike Stella is the Owner and Director of Stella Strength, where he advises on and develops programs for schools, organizations, and individuals regarding anything from training to adapted physical education. Mike’s background in overcoming a disability gives him a unique perspective on how and why we train. Stella Strength’s main objective is to inform, educate, coach, and train any athlete who wants to be the strongest competitor mentally and physically on and off the field.